How to Take a Spiritual Cleansing Bath

You will need:

-Water, a few cups.  Traditionally, workers used rain water, river water, or another type of “natural” water.  You can use tap water, and it’s OK, but I have had wonderful results using rain water or spring water too.

-Herbs or minerals or liquids to put in the water to create your spiritual bath.  You want an odd number of ingredients, as few as 3 and as many as 13.  Here are some suggestions:

For uncrossing/cleansing:  Strong black coffee, salt, lemon juice, Lemon Balm herb, ammonia, Hyssop herb, Rue herb

For good luck: Salt, Cinnamon, Sugar, High John the Conqueror root, Hoyt’s Cologne, Blueing balls or liquid, Rose petals

For money drawing: Cinnamon, Sugar, Thyme herb, High John the Conqueror, Nutmeg herb, Irish Moss herb

Next, pick your ingredients for the spiritual bath.  Let’s say you were going to do a money drawing bath.  Put water in a pot on the stove to boil.  You could take Cinnamon chips, some Nutmeg and Thyme and mix them together.  About 1 teaspoon of each herb is enough for a spiritual bath for one person. 

Mix the ingredients together and *pray*.  Tell the herbs what you want them to do for you.  Describe your need for money and ask that all your requests be granted in God’s name, Amen.  Pray from your heart.

When the water gets to a boil, you add your herb mixture and stir, then take the pot off the heat.  I like to put my herbs in a tea ball so they aren’t floating all over, but you could also add the herbs loosely and strain them out when the bath is done.

Let the mixture steep; I time it for an odd number of minutes, such as 7, 9 or 11.  When the time is up, strain out the herbs and take the herb bath to your bathroom

Run a tub of warm water and put in the stopper.  Add your herb bath to the water and pray your intention as you mix it all up.  Undress and get in the tub.

Using a bowl or pot, scoop the water up and pour it over your head to get yourself completely wet.  Now, since this is a money-drawing bath, once you’re completely wet you want to start rubbing the bath water UP your body, from toes to head.  You’re PULLING the energy of money towards you. 

As you do this, pray.  Traditionally, people pray the 23rd Psalm since it is considered the luckiest Psalm.  After you’re done reciting the Psalm, state your petition out loud again and pray that it be granted.

Step out of the tub.  You should let yourself air-dry (don’t towel yourself off).  If you have long hair, you can wrap it up in a towel.  As you air-dry, keep praying for what you want.  Scoop up a small amount of your used bathwater and set it aside.  Drain the tub.

When you’re all dry, dress your body in an appropriate conjure oil depending on your condition.  In this case, try an Attraction or Money Drawing oil.  You dab some on the soles of your feet going from toes to heel (be careful not to slip on the floor!!), and all your pulse points going up your body (behind knees, over your heart, both wrists, your neck, and the top of your head).

Dress yourself in fresh clean clothes (not the ones you wore yesterday to work).  Take your used bathwater that you saved outside and throw it a)towards the East, so the Sun can increase your work or b) at a crossroads.  Walk away and don’t look back.  All done!

NOTE: Some workers take all spiritual baths just before dawn.  You can do that if it feels right to you, but another way to work is “by the clock”.  Let’s say you’re taking a ritual bath to remove a jinx or curse.  You can get everything ready and start taking the bath at 8:20AM, because the clock hands are going DOWN (and therefore removing bad conditions).  Then, as the clock hands are going UP (from 8:30 AM to 9:00 in this example)  you’re drying off, praying and anointing yourself from toes to head with an appropriate oil to give you luck and success.

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25 Responses to How to Take a Spiritual Cleansing Bath

  1. dani marie says:

    i love the spiritual cleansing bath recipe… but what if you do not HAVE coffee , ammonia and rain or river water? are there substitutes???? thank you

    • marybee says:

      You can purchase coffee at most stores. You can use plain tap water or bottled spring water in the bath. Ammonia can also be purchased at most stores.

      Another combination is plain table salt, Epsom salts and some lemon juice. Dissolve in hot water and bathe in it.

  2. Kawanza says:

    Will this bath still work if you have someone else name tattooed on your chest?

  3. First off I want to say awesome blog! I had a quick question which I’d like to ask if you don’t mind.

    I was curious to find out how you center yourself and clear your head
    before writing. I’ve had a difficult time clearing my mind in getting my ideas out. I do take pleasure in writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are generally lost just trying to figure out how to begin. Any recommendations or hints? Thank you!

    • marybee says:

      Sorry to answer so late: I write and then focus to edit. I’ve been writing for awhile and this is just how I work :)

  4. morris ivy says:

    I need a spiritual bath, could you help me if you can, I just do not know what kind of oils and herbs and where to find them. I hope yoy can help me.

    thank you,
    morris ivy

  5. does the cleaniess work immediately ..

    • marybee says:

      It might. I recommend a series of 3, 7, 9 or 13 baths, continuing bathing until you see positive effects in your life.

  6. real man says:

    Can you to put money in a water and bath for money drawing ? …If yes how can should do it, can i bath with soap, what time so I bath and how many times ?

    • marybee says:

      You could put some coins in your bath to draw money; paper might be too messy :) You don’t bathe with soap during a spiritual bath. You can bathe at any time you like but right at dawn and right at sunset are traditional. To draw money to you I’d bathe as the sun is coming up. You can do baths as much as you like; one, three, seven, nine or thirteen days in a row is common..

  7. real man says:

    Ok but what of the waste water must I throw it to the street or leave it in a tub to drain itself after bathing ??
    And also should I keep the coins or rather give it to someone as a gift ??

    • marybee says:

      You dump the water and the coins at the crossroads. the coins are to pay the crossroads spirit for taking your request into the world to manifest. You can pray before the bath the 23rd Psalm and make your request as you bathe. Pray from the heart. You don’t want to add the sugar to this bath; it’s a cleansing bath to remove things FROM you. You can take a bath after your cleansing bath, even a day or two later, with some sugar and cinnamon in it to draw money towards you. Throw that water at the crossroads too.

  8. real man says:

    what prayer should i say before I bath and can it be coins alone or with a tea spoon of salt or sugar ??

  9. madam C says:

    What ingredients do I use for;
    1) Health
    2) Breaking a curse
    3) Love and do I follow the same procedures as above?
    Thank you, your article is very much appreciated. Please delete my earlier post as I forgot and used my real name.

    • marybee says:

      Hi Madam C:

      1: For a healing bath, I’d use lavender, hyssop and rose.

      2. For breaking a curse, you can use the Uncrossing bath or make a three ingredient bath of hyssop, rue and a PINCH, just a tiny pinch, of red pepper to send the curse back to the enemy.

      3. For drawing love, use some Cubeb berries (you can get them at Lucky Mojo), rose and catnip.

      With the healing and love baths, you pour over your head and then rub the water UP from your toes to your head, to draw things to you. For the curse breaker, rub DOWN from your head to your toes to remove the evil. Dispose of the bathwater in the same way.

  10. julietc says:

    What if one doesn’t have a bath tub and a bath tray…. The bath water runs down the sewer.. How do you collect the bath water… Thanks..

    • marybee says:

      You can put a bowl in the shower and as you pour the water over yourself, the water runs down your body and collects in the bowl. You don’t need a lot, just a small amount of water to collect will work nicely :)

  11. elvis says:

    Am looking for help and advices how to break the barriers and blockade the enemies are tying hard to hold on to please tell me how to get rid of them for good

  12. curious lady says:

    hi thnks much for all the info …. but am curios about florida water and it uses in spritual baths, is it used for drawing in or releasing? and do i trow the water in the crossroads for both baths? and what cross roads shall it b a 4 cross ?

    • marybee says:

      Florida water can be added to baths to cleanse negativity or to draw positive things; it depends on the bath. Yes, like the article said you throw the water in the crossroads for both baths. A crossroads is where two roads cross, like an intersection.

  13. james otoo says:

    can i use cold water for it

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