Conjure Item O’ the Week: Queen Elizabeth Root


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Name: Queen Elizabeth Root
AKA: Orris root
Scientific name: Iris germanica

What a root! If you’re a woman looking to increase your feminine power, this is the root for you. It’s kind of the female match to High John the Conqueror root, although you can carry either root or both if you like.

Orris (or iris) is a great scent preservative; the powder is often added to sachet powders to keep the scent longer. It smells fantastic on its’ own, and the scent actually gets stronger as it ages.

Women can carry the whole root in a flannel bag as a personal mojo. It is used to attract men, to increase a woman’s self confidence and power, as well as her physical health. The root has phytoestrogens in it which can help with female “problems” (such as menopause) but PLEASE DO NOT ingest this root until you do research or consult a trained herbalist.

Use some of the powdered root to dust your body for a great scent to attract men. Gay men could use this root too to attract men.

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